Half Polish; Half Taiwanese. American living abroad. Studying Law. Joint honors degree in Politics. Currently living in Edinburgh. Has also lived in Warsaw, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai. I'm Annie.
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The only reason guys tell us not to wear red lipstick is because they get scared when red lipstick gives us the confidence to not give a shit about men’s opinions.

"Thus, the provision creates no new cause of action: see Re MDA Investment Management Ltd 2003 para 71, referring to Re Continental Assurance Co of London 2007, also known as Singer v Beckett 2001 or Revenue and Customs Commrs v Holland 2010, also known as Re Paycheck Services 2011 para 55, where Lord Collins said..”


Anonymous: LOL. what is the correct legal definition of assault (as pedantically as possible if you please.)

Basically, the legal definition of assault is an “attack” (the actus reus) with “evil intent” (the mens rea). Which seems straight forward enough, until cases pop up explaining:
- attack doesn’t need an injury, so you can still be charged with assault if there is no injury.
- and “evil intent” actually just means you carried out your actions with intent to do harm, even if you don’t actually do any harm or you accidentally harm someone you didn’t intend to.

How was that? :)
(Also thanks for helping me revise on Tumblr haha)

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i don’t really know what kind of lawyer i want to be. like there are days where i’m all “justice, the underdog, fight for the little guy, equality, woo!” but then there are days where i want a maserati. 

it’s tough, man. 

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Shoutout to Sainsbury’s for having 1 pound Starbucks Discoveries Seattle Lattes,  my official sponsor for exam season.

"This, however, does not mean that if… they cannot in the contract validly agree to take such further action… as is not necessary to carry out that contract."

"Why the fuck are all judgements and legal academic writings filled with double, triple, sometimes quadruple, negatives", a query by me.

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Tumblr makes me want things I can’t have… like nice clothes and happiness.

"Here’s the secret you should remember whenever you hear someone lamenting how tough it is to get ahead: Hardly anyone works nearly as hard as he or she could. The few who do have it made."

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Someday I’m going to be able to read a book that’s not 1825 pages long and in no way contains the word “Scalia”.

Substitute Scalia for “Denning”. 

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Independent dependency.

I’m not the type to become dependent on a man. I know I have the strength to stand alone, and I like tapping into that strength. 

For the first time, though, I’m choosing to save a bit of that strength by depending on my boyfriend. Which makes my stomach turn, but honestly, it’s nice not taking things on alone. I’m also better. I’m less self-conscious, more focused, and less strung out. There’s a lot I’ve gained from being in a relationship. Of course, there are also certain things I’ve given up: like spending time in my apartment (my sanctuary) and becoming less anal about my health regime (since we grocery shop/eat together), but overall I actually think I’ve personally improved. Which is weird. I never thought I’d be more put together as a couple than on my own. I pride myself in being able to handle things alone. I still know that I can - but it’s nice that I don’t have to. 

And I think that’s why I’m okay with the dependency. The difference between an unhealthy attachment - where you lose yourself in your partner - and healthy dependency - allowing yourself to lean on your partner when you need it - , comes down to choice. When you’re okay on your own, you’re able to depend on your partner because you want to - not because you need to. That’s the type of distinction I want to teach my little sister, because that’s the distinction between a good relationship and a relationship a girl shouldn’t be in. Needing a guy is never healthy for your own personal growth. However, breaking down that wall and learning to trust someone else can be good for personal growth.

Relationships generally suck, because relationships are, more often than not, bad ones. Relationships where you’re independently dependent, though, I have to say, are pretty great.